The #1 Way To Train At Home (Without Space)

You want to start exercising but lack time to go to the gym?

You want to train at home, but lack space to set up a home gym?

This guide is for you.

The fact is, you can train effectively right at home, without committing an entire room and investing 1000s into equipment.

And no, you don’t have to rely solely on bodyweight exercises.

Truth is, you can do it with an investment of as little as three months of a membership at a decent gym.

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How bad do you want it?

Madrid 2021:

I stayed in the city for a month but couldn't find a good gym nearby.

Luckily, there was a Calisthenics Park. 

Usually those aren’t ideal because they lack equipment to train your legs. 

But at this park, some people took cinder blocks and metal bars from a nearby construction site and turned them into barbells for Squats and Deadlifts.

And I bet those people got better results than most who train at high-end gyms because they are so committed.

I’m sharing this story with you for one reason:

You can get in shape.

Where there's a will, there's a way - no matter how difficult it seems.

It’s easy to discount your goals because you lack the time to commute to a gym or space to build a barbell rack at home.

But it’s possible and you don’t have to use cinder blocks for that.

Let’s dive into how to train at home, with limited space - starting with the biggest myth about home workouts:

Bodyweight exercises are not the best way to train at home 

Training with your own bodyweight is the first that comes to mind when talking about getting in shape without needing a gym.

And it seems logical:

The idea of beginning with bodyweight exercises is commonly taught and seems like a no-brainer.

They don't demand fancy gear, and you can do them anywhere – that's definitely appealing.

Additionally, training without additional weight might seem safer, right?

Here's the problem - most bodyweight exercises already require a good amount of strength.

If you're a beginner, you might find it impossible to do exercises like a pull-up. 

Also, you're very limited when it comes to training your legs and those workouts can get boring very quickly.

Here’s a better way:

Get equipment that’s…

  1. Effective

  2. Affordable

  3. Not requiring a lot of space

  4. Friendly for beginners and advanced trainees

Here’s the absolute best:

1) Dumbbells where you can add weights

Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of equipment available.

You can use them for shoulder presses, rows, deadlift variations, split squats, and other squat variations:

Everything you need to build a strong body. 

On top of that, they require no additional space.

You don't even need a professional bench to perform those exercises.

Noah for example did split squats on his couch 2021, while the gyms were shut down.

All you need is a stable chair, bed or couch and you can do all the exercises I’ve mentioned above.

Make sure to get dumbbells where you can add weights over time.

That way, you can always get more weight if you get stronger.

2) Gym rings

The most underrated piece of equipment, mainly because it takes more knowledge about training programs to use them effectively.

You can build an incredibly strong and good-looking upper body, just using those rings.

And you can get them for 50$ or less!

Gym rings are perfect for rows, push-up variations, and a plethora of other exercises.

You can use them to train your arms, your shoulders, and you can even do leg curl variations to hit your hamstrings.

If you're more advanced, you can do ring dips and pull-up variations.

Those can get extremely challenging and take your shoulder strength to another level.

And the best part:

They don’t require extra space.

You can hang them outside on a tree, in your garden or use a holder for a boxing bag and hang them in your basement.

3) Resistance bands

No, I’m not talking about those little Pilates bands - I’m talking about thick resistance bands that have a strength of up to 50kg

You can get those for about $30. 

I love to use them for shoulder exercises, but they’re also a great tool to do rows and to train your arms. 

If you're creative, you can even use them to do Deadlift and Squat variations.


Setting up a home gym is a great option if you don't want to drive to the gym several times per week. 

It's not true that you need to invest several 1000s and have a big extra room to be able to train at home effectively. 

By using those 3 options I gave you in this newsletter, you are well equipped to train your entire body so that you can build a great physique and strength.

If you want to learn the best way to do that in 2 hours per week - no matter if you want to train at the gym or at home - click this link for a free strategy call.